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Life’s too short for a long home loan

We’re radically changing mortgages so you own your home sooner. Athena can get you a better home loan, and help you get rid of it!

  • Save yourself money
  • Save yourself stress
  • Save yourself time
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We’re transforming home loans

We’ve built a whole new kind of loan entirely around what you want - service, savings, security, flexibility, without ongoing fees, BS or life sentence.

We’re nothing like a bank but we have pretty big investment backing.

Save yourself money

The first step is a seriously better interest rate for the life of your loan, not just the start. Then we pass on the savings of not being a big bank, with no application or on-going fees. Plus flexible terms that encourage, not penalise, you for paying off your loan sooner.

Save yourself stress

We have a greater interest in you, because we're not a bunch of bankers. That’s why we’ve removed the extra paperwork, complication and jargon. And when you want to chat you’ve got a direct line to our home loan experts in Australia, who get what you want.

Save yourself time

Our intuitive and cutting edge technology cuts down time. The streamlined online application gives the thumbs up quicker. And once you have your loan, you can shave years off it, and get to where you want to go so much faster.

Australia, get ready to save yourself.

Currently in our pilot phase, Athena will launch early 2019.


What our customers are saying.
  • The process of getting a loan with Athena was so much better than I had ever expected. The online application process was a breeze and very user-friendly. The turnaround time once the application was submitted was amazingly quick. Athena went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and made sure every step was as easy as it could be!
    “It was a breeze”
    5 stars
  • The process of transferring my mortgage to Athena was surprisingly straight forward. I did it all on my iPhone. A step by step process from application, through loan approval to settlement, was made simple by Athena.
    Customer service was brilliant and my queries were addressed really promptly.
    10/10 Athena, keep up the great work!
    “Brilliant customer service”
    5 stars
  • I worked with the one person throughout the process which was amazing. He responded to my questions so quickly and explained everything clearly. I would highly recommend Athena. There is no reason to pay higher interest rates and with Athena I have the lowest I have seen on the market. It is all about the interest rate and customer service and Athena has both of these covered.
    “Athena has it covered”
    5 stars

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Athena is launching early 2019. Be the first in line to save yourself a whole lot of time and money.