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Does one of these sound like you?

We have home loan options to help you with a range of different situations. From the straight-forward to the complex, all the things other lenders find too tricky, we find exciting.

If you don't tick the boxes for an Athena home loan, we'll help find a loan that's right for you. See how we can help below.

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I'm self-employed

Recently started your own business or not completed your tax returns yet? We're flexible and accept alternative documents for income verification so there's no need to wait.

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I want to consolidate debt

Improve your cashflow and get back on track by refinancing your home loan and consolidating other debts including personal loans, credit card bills and car loans.

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My credit score isn't ideal

Don't be limited by a poor credit history or low credit score. We'll look at the full picture and see what loan options we can offer.

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I have a unique property

We can help with properties that don't fit the norm. Ask us about rural properties, serviced apartments, tiny homes, converted commercial properties or properties on an acreage.

Real life.
Real loans to suit.

Real life is not always simple. Here are some examples of how Athena has helped different customers get more flexibility.

No delays for small business owner John

John started his own business just over a year ago. He wanted to buy a home but didn't have any completed tax returns.

Athena accepted two Quarterly BAS statements and an accountant's letter for income verification and was able to get John pre-approved quickly. He purchased his dream home much sooner than he expected saving him time, money and stress. Now he can focus on his business and owning his home faster.

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Pay less mobile optimised 600x400
Pay less mobile optimised 600x400

Consolidating Sam's debts

Sam was paying interest on six different debts, with six different interest rates. He was in arrears on some of these loans, and wanted to improve his cashflow.

Athena looked beyond his credit score and helped Sam refinance his home loan and consolidate his debts. He chose to start with a 40 year loan term to help lower his initial repayments. He can change this later when his financial situation improves. Sam is now saving a tonne of money and stress and on his way to paying down that loan sooner.

Consolidate-debt-Desktop Eligibility
Consolidate debt mobile
Consolidate debt mobile

Tricia and Ted's rural dream

Tricia and Ted had just started new jobs and wanted to move to a rural town. They were having difficulty finding a lender who would give them a loan to buy a non-metropolitan home.

Thanks to Athena's flexible borrowing policies, an Athena Loan Expert got Tricia and Ted approved for a loan in the location they wanted quickly and easily. They've since found their new home and moved!

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Unique property mobile optimised
Unique property mobile optimised

Actual loan outcomes may vary. These case studies are indicative of real-life situations we've handled, but results are not guaranteed for all applicants due to individual circumstances.

Help when you need it

Our Aussie-based Loan Experts are ready to help you with any questions or workshop loan options.

They can help work out how much you can borrow and show how you could get approved even for complex situations.

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Contact Us Group V1 mobile optimised


Will you run a credit check if I make an enquiry?

No, we won't run a credit check if you get in touch with us to chat about your situation. We can check your numbers and review your loan options to help you make a decision. If you want to proceed, we'll help you submit an application and like with other lenders, a credit check will occur at this step.

What is the process like for getting a home loan?

Firstly, we'll chat to you about your situation and financial goals. If you don't tick the boxes for an Athena home loan, don't worry, we'll find a loan that's right for you. We'll work with our trusted partners to find you loan options.

If you're happy with one of the loan options, we'll help you submit an application. Your Loan Expert will support you through every step and you can ask them anything throughout the process.

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