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✓ Reduce your interest
✓ Hedge your bets on interest rate changes
✓ Consolidate your debt to save money and time

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What’s a split home loan?

It’s when you separate your home loan secured by one property into two or more loans. Each split loan is customisable – choose fixed or variable, owner occupier or investment, P&I or IO and set different loan terms. You can split up to 10 loans against your property.

The feature that’s a 10

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Hedge your bets

Split it to be part variable and part fixed.

Best of both worlds, you have peace of mind your interest rates and repayments won’t change during your fixed rate period. But if variable rates drops, only your variable rate loan will benefit from this.

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Save with an offset

Split it and put unlimited additional repayments into your offset to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your variable loan balance.

The more money you put in, the less interest you'll pay.

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Make extra repayments

Split it and make fee-free extra repayments to pay down your home loan faster.

Pay off as much as you want, when you want on your variable loan balance or up to 5% of your fixed loan balance per year.

Split for tax purposes

If you have an owner occupied property with equity available, you could split the loan against it to access equity for investment purposes.

Maximise your tax deductions on the investment loan with IO repayments and pay down that owner occupied loan sooner with P&I repayments.

Remember we’re not able to give you tax advice so make sure you speak to your professional adviser about the right strategy for you!

Split your loan with a mate Rubix cube desktop illustration
Split your loan with a mate Rubix cube mobile illustration
Split your loan with a mate Rubix cube mobile illustration

Consolidate debt and save

You could save yourself a tonne of money and stress, by transferring debt you have on higher interest rates into a split loan secured against your property and pay down that loan sooner.

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Consolidate debt coin illustration mobile
Consolidate debt coin illustration mobile

Split it for debt recycling

Do you have extra repayments in an offset against your owner-occupied loan and you want to use the amount for investment purposes? Split it with our Limit Transfer feature to support your debt recycling strategy.

A limit transfer allows you to increase your investor loan limit and transfer the offset funds to this loan while reducing your owner-occupied loan limit.

Limit transfers could help structure your loan for tax purposes as the interest charged on the investment loan could be tax-deductible.


Property equity calculator

See how your usable equity can help you buy your next property.

⚡️ Check how much usable equity you have
⚡️ See how much you need to borrow for your new property
⚡️ Configure your loan structure to best suit you

Equity calculator animation desktop
Equity calculator animation desktop
Equity calculator animation desktop

Meet our Loan Experts

Our Australian loan experts are here 5 days a week to answer all your questions and help you submit an application for a split loan.

Book a time to talk now.

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Are split loans available on a Straight Up home loan?

No, split loans are only available on our Power Up home loans.

Can I get an offset for each split loan?

Yes, you can choose to have an offset or a redraw feature for variable rate split loan.

Got 5 variable rate split loans? You could have 5 offset accounts, 5 redraw accounts or a mix of both.

How many split loans can I have?

You can have up to 10 different loans against each property.

What’s the minimum loan amount I can have on each split loan?

The minimum loan amount per split loan is $10,000. Our total minimum loan amount of $100,000 still applies.

What is a limit transfer?

Limit transfer is the process of transferring loan limit to either create new splits or transfer between existing. Often referred to as debt recycling, it is a strategy that aims to help you pay off your non-deductible debt (e.g. your home loan) as quickly as possible, while using tax deductible debt to build up your wealth over the longer term.

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