FAQs - Athena's Rates

What are your interest rates?

Get started with a great rate that stays great from day one until day none. Check out our current interest rates for owner occupier and investment loans.

How does Athena offer competitive rates?

You can now go direct to a reputable lender. By bypassing the banks and the brokers, you bypass all their big built-in costs.

Our innovative digital platform creates all kinds of efficiencies with technology that save us money and we pass those savings onto you in the form of the lowest interest rate we possibly can.

What are your interest rates based on?

Just as it is for other lenders, there are things that can change the cost of us providing funds to borrowers, such as the RBA cash rate, or additional costs that relate to borrowing between financial institutions. That said, we’ve built our entire platform on trying to be more efficient than anyone else and have a greater desire to pass those benefits onto you.

We’re not going to sting you unnecessarily. No-one likes surprises when it comes to interest rates. Especially us. If we do change your rate, you can be sure we’ll be honest and transparent. And remember, rate changes are not always up, and we want to pass any savings on to you.

What’s Automatic Rate Match?

No new customers will ever get a better rate than existing customers on a like-for-like variable loan³.

A like-for-like loan means the product name (eg. Straight Up) and LVR tier (eg. ≤50%, 50-60%, 60-70%, or 70-80%) advertised to new customers must be the same product name and the same LVR tier that you have as an existing customer. Applies to Athena's variable Straight Up and Power Up Home Loan products and excludes all others.

The way we construct and name products may include a combination of the loan’s purpose (eg. Owner, Investor), repayment type (eg. P&I, IO), interest type (eg. variable), borrower type, different features or specific qualification criteria.

None of these criteria will be designed to favour new customers over existing customers. If we ever tempt new customers with a lower rate on a like-for-like loan, anyone who’s on it will get the Automatic Rate Match.

Sweet. It’s an Aussie first!

What happens when there are rate rises in the market?

No‑one likes surprises when it comes to interest rates. Especially us. If we do change your rate, you can be sure we’ll be honest and transparent.

We will automatically change your repayments to match the new rate. If your rate goes down (hell yeah!), we’ll reduce your repayments too but also give you the option to keep them at what they were so you can get ahead!

Will you put my rates up after I sign up?

We will never raise rates unnecessarily. Or sneak up a ‘honeymoon rate’ once we’ve been hitched.

But like every lender, our rates will have to rise when it’s out of our hands like when the RBA cash rate and borrowing rates start going up. Whenever we can keep it down or save you money, we will.

Do you match other lenders' rates?

We don't do rate match - we give all our customers our best rates upfront. We save, not sting! Changing home loans for good is in our DNA and can save you money. So far we’ve saved thousands of Aussies a total of $678m** and counting.

Home owners, we’ll get you into your home sooner and help you pay off your loan faster. Investors, we’ll give you the edge to power your portfolio and maximise your returns.

Make sure you don’t get caught out by a scorpion home loan. Check out our tips on how to avoid them here.

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