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Miss the ups & downs

For borrowers who want certainty, an Athena fixed rate home loan can give you peace of mind that your interest rates and repayments won't change during your fixed rate period.

It means you'll be protected from increases in variable interest rate rises. But if the variable loan interest rate drops, your fixed rate will remain the same.

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We won!

We're pretty proud to announce we won the Best for Value - Fixed award in the WeMoney Home Loan Awards 2023 🥳

The award for Best for Value - Fixed is given to the home loan provider that provided significant value to customers with fixed rate home loans in the following:

✓ Affordability & Fees
✓ Transparency
✓ Flexibility
✓ Customer Experience

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Excellent Rates & Fees (Fixed) - Winner logo mobile

Athena's fixed interest rates

Owner Occupied
Principal & Interest
Interest Only
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
LVR TierRateComparison Rate













Some of our fixed rate home loan features

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Additional repayments

Make up to 5% generous extra repayments of your outstanding loan balance per year.

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LVR discounts

The lower your LVR (loan-to-value ratio) is at the start of the fixed rate period, the lower your rate!

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No Athena fees

No application fees or ongoing fees¹. Why would we charge you for being a customer?

Athena's fixed rate features

Fixed rate period

1, 2 or 3 years

Loan amount

Min $100,000 – max $2,500,000

Loan term

10 – 30 years

Loan purpose

Owner Occupied or Investment 

Repayment types

Principal & Interest or Interest Only

Repayment frequency

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

A heads-up… paying weekly and fortnightly instead of monthly repayments on your current term puts you a little bit ahead on your loan and will contribute towards your additional repayment limit.

Additional redraw repayments

Make additional repayments into your fixed loan of up to 5% of your outstanding loan balance per year.

Fixed rate loan payment examples

In your first year

At the beginning of your fixed rate period, your outstanding loan balance is $250,000.

5% of your loan balance is $12,500, which is how much you'll be able to pay over your minimum required repayments within the first year.

In your second year

At the start of your second year, your outstanding loan balance is $231,350.

Your new maximum additional repayments will be 5% of $231,350, which is $11,567.50.

Exceeded your extra loan repayments?

If you accidentally pay more than 5%, don't stress! We'll contact you to check. If we can't get in touch, we'll send the funds back until you confirm, as break costs can be costly.

If you make extra repayments, just remember that you'll only be able to make withdrawals at the end of the fixed rate period.

LVR tiered discounts

The lower your LVR (loan-to-value ratio), the lower your fixed loan rate.

Your interest rate will stay the same from the beginning to the end of your fixed rate period.

Rollover to lowest

Once your fixed rate period expires, we’ll review your LVR (loan-to-value ratio), and automatically roll you onto the lowest AcceleRATE tier that you’re eligible for, based on your LVR at the time and whether you are 100% fixed (Straight Up) or part of a split, (Power Up) loan.


I’m an Athena customer on a variable rate and want to switch to a fixed rate. What’s the process?

Just give our home loan experts a buzz on 13 35 35.

Can I split my loan?

Yes you can however break costs may apply depending on the situation. Read about our split loans options here and then call us to discuss your options and we can help you out.

Do you offer rate lock for fixed?

No we don’t, for good reason. Most lenders charge a hefty fee for rate lock. We don’t charge fees and we try to pass on our lowest rates to you.

When will my rate be locked in?

Your rate will be fixed from the date of settlement, or if you are switching from a variable rate, your fixed rate will be as of the date we switch you over.

A heads-up! Before you begin your fixed rate period, rates may change at any time. The applicable fixed rate will be the advertised fixed rates on the day of settlement for a new fixed rate loan or the day of processing your switch to a fixed rate home loan.

What happens at the end of my fixed rate term?

When you’re close to the end of your fixed rate term, we’ll let you know prior that we’ll automatically roll you onto our low variable AcceleRATES based on your LVR (loan-to-value ratio) tier at the time your fixed term expires.

If you have a 100% fixed loan, you’ll roll off onto our Straight Up home loan. And if you have a fixed rate loan as part of a split facility, you’ll roll onto our Power Up home loan.

When will a break cost be charged?

A break fee may be charged when there's a change to your fixed rate loan such as:

  • Additional repayments – When your additional repayments go over the 5% of loan balance per year
  • Repayment in full – If you want to end the fixed rate period entirely. It may happen if you want to repay the loan in full due to a property sale, refinance to another lender or any other reason
  • Ending your fixed rate period early – If you want to end the fixed rate period before the agreed term and wish to switch to a variable rate loan
  • Variations – Examples include if you want a loan top up, if you change your repayment type from Interest Only to Principal & Interest or vice versa, or want a limit decrease

If you’d like to know break costs specific to your scenario, just call us on 13 35 35.

Can I renew my loan at the end of my fixed rate period?

Absolutely. If you want to make changes after your fixed rate period ends, contact us and we’ll sort you out.

Why can’t I access my redraw during the fixed rate period?

Redraw is the additional funds you’ve paid over the minimum repayment. They are counted towards your allowable annual repayment amount during a fixed rate period without incurring a break cost.

You’ll need to be sure that you won’t need those funds during the rest of your fixed rate period as you won’t be able to withdraw them again. You can access your redraw once you revert to a variable rate at the end of your fixed rate period.

Can I top up my loan in a fixed rate period?

Yes but it’ll cause a break cost assessment as it may trigger significant break costs.
Call us on 13 35 35 if you want to know your options.

Can I increase my fixed rate period?

Once your fixed term starts you won’t be able to increase it without triggering a break cost assessment.

What is the advantage of a fixed rate mortgage?

When choosing a home loan, if you have a budget and prefer to know exactly what you'll pay in your home loan repayments each month for a few years, then a fixed rate home loan or mortgage could be suitable for you

Are there are costs to switch from my current provider to Athena?

Athena doesn't charge any ongoing fees for being a customer, however government charges or break costs may apply when changes are made to your fixed loan.

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