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More freedom, flex and features. That’s our Power Up home loan

Get all the good stuff from our variable Straight Up home loan, but with a bigger boost of extra features.
You can split loans and supercharge your savings with our offset (and multi-offset!) account. It’s pretty powerful.

Automatic Rate Match

Stay great rates

You’ll get great rates right from the get-go, that stay great from day one until day none.


No loyalty tax

Automatic Rate Match means existing & new customers score the same sexy rates on like-for-like loans¹. An Aussie First.

No Athena Fees Placard

Zero fees

Zero. None. Zilch. No valuation, exit or monthly fees for Straight Up and Power Up. None whatsoever.

Athena AcceleRATES

Drop your own rate

We automatically lower your rate the more you pay down your home loan with Athena AcceleRATES

Exclusive features to Power Up

Power Up your loan with these exclusive features

100% Offset

Save a fortune, save the fees, save the hassle. The more money you put in your offset, the less interest you'll pay.

⚡️ 100% offset account ⚡️ Instant payments out ⚡️ Pay your salary into your offset ⚡️ Unlimited fee-free transactions & set daily limits


Split loans

Split & flex your Power Up home loan the way you want, with up to 10 different loans against your property.

Each split loan is customisable – choose fixed or variable, owner occupier or investment, P&I or IO and set different loan terms. Configure them however you like, fee-free!


Fee-free Multi-offsets

Athena’s Cash Stashes give you flex and control to budget your way and reduce your interest charges.

⚡️ Fee-free multi offset accounts ⚡️ Up to 10 Cash Stashes per loan ⚡️ Maximise your offset benefits ⚡️ Set up and manage via our mobile app

Multi offset desktop
Multi Offset mobile
Multi Offset mobile

Our ultimate home loans 🏡 🏠 🏘

All our award-winning loans have super sharp rates and Aussie based home loan experts to help guide you through application and beyond.

Rates from 6.24%^

No frills or fuss, just an awesome low variable rate with redraw.

✅ No fees²

✅ Redraw

❌ Offset

❌ Multi-offset

❌ Split loans

✅ Aussie loan experts

Rates from 6.39%^

Variable rate with offset & splits for extra flex & saving power.

✅ No fees²

✅ Redraw

✅ Offset

✅ Multi-offset

✅ Split loans

✅ Aussie loan experts

Rates from 6.49%
(6.35%^ comparison)

Lower your repayments and free up cash as a short term option.

✅ No fees²

✅ Redraw

✅ Offset

✅ Multi-offset

✅ Split loans

✅ Aussie loan experts


Rates from 6.54%
(6.22%^ comparison)

Lock in more certainty with a fixed rate for 1, 2 or 3 years.

✅ No fees² (excl. break costs)

❌ Redraw⁵

❌ Offset

❌ Multi-offset

✅ Split loans

✅ Aussie loan experts

Straight Up and Power Up rates are variable & comparison^.

Our Power Up mortgage rates

Owner Occupied
Principal & Interest
Interest Only
LVR TierRateComparison Rate













Don't need all the extras?

Our Straight Up variable home loan without the frills, just a sexy low rate!

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Your loan Straight Up copy with dollar illustration mobile
Your loan Straight Up copy with dollar illustration mobile

Questions on Power Up & Straight Up?

Straight Up vs. Power Up, what's the diff?

Straight Up gives you our lowest rate without the frills. It’s a simple home loan with a great, low rate, and easy to set up and go. We've kept all the Athena good stuff like our Automatic Rate Match, AcceleRATES and no fees to help you pay down your home loan faster.

Power Up boosts all the same goodness with extra features, flex and saving power like split loans and fee-free offset.

Can I switch between Straight Up and Power Up?

Yes, you can switch between the two at any time. Just give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you.

Remember, Power Up has extra features like offset and split so double check you don’t need those features anymore if you’re switching to Straight Up.

Is there a fee to switch between Straight Up and Power Up?

Absolutely not – we hate fees!

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